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ACONCAGUA MOUNTAIN - Heigh: 18209 ft - Difficulty Level: High

The Aconcagua, with its 22841 ft, is the highest mountain of America and the most frequented by climbers from all around the world in search of crowning his impressive summit. Located in the province of Mendoza, in the Aconcagua Provincial Park and only 180 km from the provincial city, make this ideal hill for different types of treks or ascensions.

Day 1: Mendoza

Transfer from the airport to the Mendoza City (2526 ft) and check in at centric hotel. During this day one of our guides will contact you for gear check an infomative talk.

Day 2: Mendoza - Penitentes

After breakfast, guides will help you obtain the documentation needed. Transfer to Penintentes (8956 ft). Lunch halfway there in Uspallata (6200 ft). Check in at Hotel in Penitentes. During the afternoon the loads for the mules are prepared to be transported the next day.

Day 3: Penitentes - Confluencia (10826 ft)

Transfer in our vehicles from Penitentes to Aconcagua´s Park entrance where we'll hand over permits. There starts the trekking towards Confluencia. All your equipment will be transported by mules to the campsite where you'll spend the night in tents with cots.

Day 4: Confluencia - Plaza Francia - Confluencia (3hs)

Trekking towards Plaza Francia (13451 ft) admiring Aconcagua's south face and enjoying an spectacular view. At afternoon we'll return to the campsite in Confluencia.

Day 5: Confluencia - Plaza de Mulas 8hs

Early in the morning starts trekking towards Plaza de Mulas. At arrival you'll check in and continue towards Plaza de Mulas's Refuge (14337 ft). There you'll recover your luggage that's been transported by mules.

Day 6: Plaza de Mulas

Resting and acclimatization to the altitude day.

Day 7: Plaza de Mulas - Canadá - Plaza de Mulas(5hs)

Trekking to Canadá- Campo 1 (16568 ft) to deliver some equipment. After lunch return to Plaza de Mulas Refuge.

Day 8: Plaza de Mulas

Resting and acclimatization to the altitude day.

Day 9: Plaza de Mulas - Canadá (3hs)

Ascent to Campo 1 and assembling of the campsite with the guides help. Porters will carry the expedition´s general equipment.

Day 10: Canadá - Nido de Cóndores (4hs)

Ascent to Nido de Cóndores – Campo 2 (18208 ft). Campsite's assembling.

Day 11: Nido de Cóndores - Berlín (2,5hs)

Ascent towards Berlin- Campo 3 (19455 ft). There we'll assemble the last campsite before reaching the summit.

Day 12: Berlín - SUMMIT - Berlín

Very early in the morning you'll start the ascent from Berlín towards the summit, crowning América's Roof: Aconcagua' Peak (22841 ft) reaching this way the objective you were looking for. Return to Berlín's campsite.

Day 13: Berlín - Plaza de Mulas

Return to Plaza de Mulas Refuge and after a good shower celebrate and toast with guides and expedition partners.

Días 14 - 15: Safety days.

Safety days.

Day 16: Plaza de Mulas - Penitentes - Mendoza

In our last expedition day we'll descent towards Horcones, Aconcagua's Park entrance (6-7hs), where our vehicles will tranfer you to Penitentes to wait for the loads the mules are transporting. Later transfer in private vehicles to Mendoza's city hotel.

Day 17: Mendoza

After breakfast, transfer to the airport. END OF OUR SERVICES.

» Usefull Information

This itinerary is a guide and can be modified by the expedition guide.


- Transfer in Airport /Hotel / Airport.
- 2 nights with breakfast in Mendoza.
- Transfer Mendoza- Penitentes- Mendoza.
- Lunch in Uspallata.
- 1 night in Penitentes with ½ pension .
- Assistance for the gage's transport by mules.
- Load's transfer by mules.
- Transfer Penitentes/ Horcones/ Penitentes.
- 2 nights in Confluencia with C/P in domo tents.
- 5 nights C/P in Plaza de Mulas.
- 3 showers in Plaza de Mulas Refuge.
- Porters of general equipment to altitude campsites.
- Mountain guides.
- Altitude tents, stove and food.
- 2 Safety days.

Not Includes:
- Ascent Permit.
- Drinks in Uspallata and Penitentes.
- Meals in Mendoza.
- Alcoholic or Cola Drinks in Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas Refuge.
- Porters for personal equipment.
- Costs originated by leaving expedition.
- Personal Equipment.
- Personal Insurance

Recommended equipment:
- Cap or Light hat.
- Balacalava.
- Woll or polartec beanie.
- Bandana.
- UV + 90% mountain sunglasses with side shields.

Upper part of the body:
- 2 polipropilen long-sleeved t-shirts.
- 2 cotton or polipropilen t-hirts.
- 2 polipropilen long-sleeved undershirts.
- Polartec jacket.
- Gore tex or waterproof jacket.
- Duvet jacket.

- Polipropilen gloves.
- Polartec gloves.
- Waterproof mitts with wool, polartec or duvet interiors.

Inferior part of the body:
- Polopropilen long underwear.
- Gore-Tex or waterproof pants.
- Light long pants.
- Polartec light pants.

- Waterproof gaiters.
- Long socks (4 cotton pairs and 4 thermal pairs).
- Treking boots.
- Comfortable trainers.
- Double plastic mountain boots.

Technical equipment
- Trekking sticks.
- Grampons.
- Back pack (70 lt or more).
- Duvet Slleping bag (-20 °C).
- Metalic thermus of 1 lt.
- Water botle of at least 900 cc.
- Insulated sleeping pad.
- Head Lamp . (extra light bulbs and batteries).
- Resistant bag for the transport of the equipment in mules.

Personal Objects:
- Sunscreen.
- Lip protector.
- Higienic bag.
- First aid kit.
- Others: digital camera, mp3, books, etc.


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