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Departure: 16.00 pm.
Length: 4 hours aprox.
The City Tour in Salta starts with a trip over its main square, observing the most emblematic buildings like the Cathedral, the Cabildo, the Archbishop's Palace, the High Mountain Museum of Archeology (MAAM) and its radiant recova. We'll also get through the San Francisco Church and the San Bernardo Convent, with a great architectonic and historical value.
Moving on, to the San Bernardo hill, we will have a great panoramic view from the city. Descending, we will visit the Gral. Güemes Monument and moving on to San Lorenzo, a summer village located at 10 km from the city, we will have free time for tea and delicious regional food. Coming back we will visit the Handicraft Market, where we can appreciate and get the works from all the craftsmen in Salta. Return to the Hotel.


Route: 314 km
Departure: 08:00 am.
Length: 12 hours aprox.
Leaving Salta through Cerrillos and El Carril to get into the thick gorge of Escoipe, previous to the great Cuesta del Obispo. The highest point from the Cuesta is Piedra del Molino located at a height of 10984 ft Represents a gate between two valleys: The Lerma Valley, lower and warm, and the Calchaquíes Valleys, (between Andean foothills bonds, around 3937 ft higher and harsh). We'll be going through the Recta de Tin Tin, an ancient Inca road, getting into the National Park Los Cardones. We'll arrive to Cachi, located over the edges of the Calchaquí River at 7251 ft. The colorful town in the Calchaquí Valley has a colonial style combined with pronounced and local architectonics features. It has a main square surrounded by cobblestone streets and houses with bases made of stone, walls covered with lime and sand of a white color, bars of wrought iron and roofs made of canes covered with mud. There are tall sidewalks of stone and slab. We'll have time to visit the archaeological Museum and the Parochial Church.


Route: 390 km
Departure: 08.00 am.
Length: 12 hours. aprox.
Leaving Salta going through Cerrillos, El Carril, Coronel Moldes and Alemanía to get into the shocking Gorge of River Las Conchas, Named Natural Monument by the UNESCO due to the formation and colours from the hills, which were eroded through the years by wind and rain.
All of the figures have signs for its right locations, we can name a few like: La Garganta del Diablo, El Anfiteatro, El Sapo, El Fraile, El Obelisco and Los Castillos. Arriving at Cafayate, a village located in the Calchaquies Valleys, a winery zone. We'll visit a wine cellar to learn the elaboration process and taste an exquisite Torrontés.
In the afternoon, we'll come back to Salta on the same road to admire how the colours from the different formations of the gorge are affected by the sun.


Route: 362 km
Departure: 07.30 am
Length: 12 hours aprox.
Leaving Salta though the national road Nº 51, passing Campo Quijano known as El Portal de los Andes, previous at the great ‘El Toro’ Gorge.


Route: 488 km
Departure: 07.00 am
Length: 14 hours aprox.
Leaving Salta to Jujuy, going through a sown valley of sugar cane and tobacco to get into the Humahuaca Gorge, named as a Humanity Wealth by the UNESCO. We’ll get to Purmamarca, known by its seven color hill. We’ll visit its church and the colorful main square with a lot of craftsmen places where we can get typical crafts from the gorge. Moving on to Tilcara and visiting the Pucará, an ancient native fortress strategically located, surrounded by cactus and multicolor mountains, where we are having a long walk through the ruins to get into the archaeological museum. The trip continues to Humahuaca, where we’ll have some time for lunch and visit the craftsmen fair as well as theIndependence Monument. On our way back, we’ll visit the ancient Uquía church along with its harquebus angels. Short stop to appreciate the ‘Paleta del Pintor’ in Maimará and a short trip in San Salvador de Jujuy visiting its main monuments. Arrival to Salta.

IRUYA - SALTA (2 Days)

Minimum: 3 Paxs
Route: 628 km
Departure: 07.00 am
Length: 2 days
Leaving Salta to Jujuy, going through a sown valley of sugar cane and tobacco to get into the Humahuaca Gorge, named as a Humanity Wealth by the UNESCO. From Humahuaca, down 20 km we take the local road #133 which leads the way to Iruya. We’ll find several times dry river beds along the road, which in rain seasons difficult the way. We found the town of Iruya among narrow, high and carefully cobblestone streets to avoid the soil erosion. Its architecture reflects the pre-Columbian origin of great cultural and historical value. Surrounded by an impressive landscape which seems stood in the past, Iruya keeps the roots of a thousand years old tradition, which emerge in its typical celebrations as the Pachamama on August and the religious part during October.


Route: 505 km.
Departure: 07.00 hs.
Length: 14 hours aprox
. Leaving Salta to San Antonio de los Cobres, going through the colourful of El Toro Gorge and glancing the rails and engineering works from the famous Train to the Clouds. The El Toro gorge has a beautiful landscape where the nature mutation takes place while we ascend until get over the 13123 ft above sea level. Arriving to San Antonio de los Cobres (12388 ft) a local ‘Puna’ town we’ll stop for lunch.


Route: 505 km.
Departure: 07.30 am.
Length: 2 days.
Leaving Salta and going south by the national road Nº68, passing through a lot of towns until we get to the shocking Las Conchas Gorge, where lots of terracotta colour shapes surrounds the landscape to finally reach the winery town of Cafayate. This picturesque town, known worldwide for its wines and specially the Torrontés branch, offers the traveller a world full of scents and flavors.


HORSERIDING // The best views of the landscape, the best horses and a good barbecue combine to make the trip an unforgettable adventure. Saddled, mounted and in search of new challenges. Rivers, waterfalls, jungle trails and hills are some of the different landscapes that we will cross. Dare to feel part of this adventure.
• Half Day
• Full Day
• Two or more days horse riding
All rides can be combined with trekking.

RAFTING // Sail Juramento River in Salta, slid its rapids that reaches the class III and we are part of the natural scene, we see the mountains and the vegetation around us, we breathe the pure air of the height.

CANOPY // Who ever thought not to fly. We fulfill the dream. The Canopy lets you feel the mountain across from side to side; through a steel cable at both faces of the hills this is available.

KAYAK // We dressed with a neoprene suit; we prepare our kayaks and start our adventure. Learn how to turn in the river, paddling on one side and to the other, and safely navigate the rapids. These are some of the challenges this sport offers.