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We traveled along the bottom of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, we introduced in the inhospitable Salar de Uyuni, explored the streets of Cuzco and dove into the mysterious heart of the Inca Empire up to Machu Pichu. We flew over the mysterious Nazca Lines and we reach the Pacific coast of Chile, where we look out of breath exhalations of the earth in the Tatio Geysers.
Argentina Trails invites you to this unique and extraordinary MACHU PICHU EXPERIENCE. Do not hesitate, join us!

Day 1: Today we travel 0 miles. Night: Salta City – Argentina.

Welcoming in Salta. Reunion with the whole group to know each other and have an informational talk. Here we fill our fuel provision and get ready to start the next day.

Day 2. Today we travel 254 miles. Night: La Quiaca – Argentina.

Travel through Quebrada de Humahuaca- Jujuy, visiting all its touristic interest spots. By afternoon arrival to La Quiaca. Dinner and go to bed early so we can arrive to the border by morning the next day.

Day 3: Today we travel 190 miles. Night: Uyuni – Bolivia.

Hotel built in salt: “Luna Salada” (Salty moon) At morning we do customs and migration procedures to enter Bolivia in Villazón. We’ll continue the trip through the famous Tupiza tunnels where we’ll stop for lunch. At the afternoon, after crossing over some dry rivers and high abras we’ll arrive finally to Uyuni town. We check in and have dinner in this peculiar hotel.

Day 4: Today we travel 269 miles Night: Oruro – Bolivia.

At morning we’ll go far inside the Salar de Uyuni, the biggest one in the world. Travelling through this salty ocean, we´ll arrive to Incahuasi Island, a formation made from calcareous rocks mixed with coral and shellfish remainings. Here we´ll have lunch continuing later our journey in Tulunpa’s volcano direction, arriving at evening to Oruro City, famous for its carnivals.

Day 5: Today we travel 337 miles. Night: Puno – Peru.

We leave early in the morning towards La Paz, where we´ll do a brief visit to it’s downtown and handcrafts market. Later we’ll continue towards the important Tiwanaku’s archeological ruins. Then we´ll reach the border with Peru at Desaguadero arriving to Chunchuito, very close to Puno where our hotel is located.

Day 6: Today we travel 265 miles. Night: Cuzco- Peru.

At morning we’ll do an excursion at Titicaca Lake travelling by boat towards the Indios Uros floating islands, an excellent opportunity to taste a trout during lunch. By afternoon we’ll start the trip towards Cuzco City, arriving there by night. We´ll be able to enjoy its beautiful illuminated historic town. Here we´ll leave our vehicles in a parking for three days.

Day 7: Today we travel 0 miles.Night: Cuzco – Peru.

Day off. Its recommended at first hour in the morning, buy the touristic ticket, then visit the Cathedral, de Inca Museum, de Precolombine Arts Museum, San Blas Church and Korikanch Church and the 12 angles stone.

Day 8: Today we travel 0 miles. Night: Cuzco – Peru.

Day off in Cuzco City. Its recommended a Full day excursion to Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley) to visit its touristic interest sites.

Day 9: Today we travel 54 miles. Night: Chillca – Peru.

Day off in Cuzco City. At last hour in the afternoon, we’ll take our vehicles and go to spend the night at Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley) in a gorgeous lodge in the mountain. This will allow us to take the first train in the morning and enjoy more time in Machu Pichu.

Day 10: Today we travel 0 miles. Night: Chillca - Peru.

Full day in Machu Pichu. Visit to the ruins. While we are returning in the afternoon, we’ll take a thermal bath in Aguas Calientes.

Day 11: Today we travel 146 miles. Night: Abancay – Peru.

At morning we’ll visit Inca’s de Moray greenhouses and then the Mara’s Salt. At afternoon we’ll continue our journey towards Abancay through an amazing road full of curves, slopes and abras.

DDay 12: Today we travel 297 miles. Night: Nazca – Peru.

At morning we´ll cross the Central Peruvian Andes, the highest spot of our journey, until we arrive to Nazca town, were we´ll spend the night.

Day 13: Today we travel 63 miles. Night: Nazca – Peru.

At morning we’ll do an overflight through the enigmatic Lineas de Nazca (Nazca lines). Lunch in a restaurant and visit to Reiche museum by afternoon

Day 14: Today we travel 582 miles. Night: Arica – Chile.

We´ll go through impressive cliffs by the Pacific to go far inside de inhospitable desert. Today we do migration duties so we can enter in Chile.

Day 15: Today we travel 208 miles. Nights: Iquique – Chile.

At morning we’ll visit the Morro de Arica. Then we’ll do a stop in Humberton, an ancient salt- working town abandoned in the desert. We’ll continue the journey until we arrive to Iquique. The rest of the day off to visit the town, do shopping in the Sofree and enjoy the beach.

Day 16: Today we travel 244 miles. Night: Calama – Chile.

At morning we can do some shopping and after lunch we’ll go to Calama City (an important city in the copper exploitation business). We have to go to bed early cause the next day we’ll departure at dawn to enjoy Tatio Geisers, active only at sunrise.

Day 17: Today we travel 354 miles. Night: Susques – Argentina.

At dawn we´ll depart towards the geisers, then we´ll go through Puritana therms and finally to San Pedro de Atacama. After lunch, trip towards Susques – Argentina.

Day 18: Today we travel 0 miles. Night: Salta – Argentina.

Departure early in the morning towards Salta City going briefly through Salinas Grandes, the third biggest salt flat in the world, and Cuesta de Lipan. We´ll arrive to Salta at afternoon. Goodbye meeting. END OF OUR SERVICES

Día 19: Hoy recorremos 314 km Noche: Salta, Argentina.

Salida por la mañana temprano hacia la ciudad de Salta pasando previamente por las Salinas Grandes, tercer salar mas grande del mundo y Cuesta de Lipán. Arribaremos a Salta por la Tarde. Reunión de despedida.


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