Argentina Trails is an adventure travel company in Argentina that designs and operates Adventure tourism and special interest. We specialize in Mountaineering, Trekking, 4x4 trips and tailored programs in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. We invite you to participate with Argentina Trails to promote sustainable tourism, environmentally friendly, natural heritage and local cultures helping to promote the development of peoples.


Incentive trips recently became a very good Marketing Tool that ensures the achievement of the company because there is an increase of a positive response by the employees.
The activities are designed and planned carefully according to the profile of the group that will be part of this award from the company to them, either for an achievement or simply to motivate them, in any case, this generates an increase of the productivity of the company.
The recognition of good work, the presentation of a new product or simply to make a bond with the team, is stronger if you present your ideas in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a variety of activities to be enjoyed by those who are taking part of this trip, this creates more strength and determination at work, which is reflected then in the future as a result in the company.
In Argentina Trails we trust in our experience and knowledge of the activities, all of them adjusted to the requirements of customers, taking care of the details in transport, accommodation, excursions, leisure activities, etc. adapted to each group, making this trip as an unforgettable experience for them.
When we talk about excursions and leisure activities we refer to visit every corner of the province optimizing the time available, we set trekking through the valleys and rivers of Salta, and organize fun activities that vary in a wide range of options.
Incentive trips are an opportunity to provide, the staff of the company, and why not also their clients, to have a close contact with nature while enjoying the best hotels that the province has to offer, leaving behind the office environment and personal tensions.
In conclusion, the purpose of an incentive trip is to offer a unique and unrepeatable experience, which maximizes the skills of their workers and customers.

Argentina Trails invites you to be part of this experience!